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Art Portfolio:
(just a quick random smattering)

VidHero Issue #1

Web Strips
("Vitreous Humor", "BloodSugar 2016")

Deviant Art

Video (experiments)

Storyboard Samples:
(generally created and delivered overnight)

Hong Kong Concept 2009 - (.pdf) - 1.0 MB
"Slovenia Ballerina"
Worldwide family enjoys a girl's performance.

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 1.0 MB
futuristic buildings... (I should be noting "time taken")

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 1.2 MB
Concept was an excuse to travel the world?

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 0.7 MB
"Brooklyn Trio"
4th Revision: three way split

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 2.3 MB
"Brooklyn Couple"
Revised Concept: He programs, she designs.

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 7.3 MB
"Brooklyn Baller"
Original thinking from the neighborhood to the office

Dev Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 1.2 MB
"Dev Team"
struggling upstarts enjoy some networking.

Hong Kong Concept 2008 - (.pdf) - 1.6 MB
"Futuristic Commercial"
A concept I made up, to land my first job.

(more recent samples coming soon)

:Web Development History

Solid Fuel Studios LLC
A small (self) publishing company, featuring total business-end transparancy.

Vitreous Humor
My ongoing web strip experiment, updated twice weekly.

Ground zero for all products revolving around the vidHero IP.

Funeral Home Entertainment
My hobby/art video production website.

Incognito Costumes
Small website for a friend's costume business.

Power Beverages LLC
Small website for a friend's energy drink business.

NaturalPoint's TrackIR Gaming website
A hip gamer oriented section for the naturalpoint empire. (completely redesigned in 2003, 2004, and 2007)

Naturalpoint's SmartNav website
Naturalpoint's accessibility focused website. (completely redesigned in 2004 and 2007)

NaturalPoint's OptiTrack Gaming website
Motion Capture Animation section of the naturalpoint empire. (completely redesigned in 2007)

:Web Development Ancient History

Fast Forward Revolution
A fun site for amateur video artists. Viva la internet video revolution! (meant to be rough and tumble)

I whipped up a website for this local GameCon in exchange for $20 credit at the local comic book store.
(this is a backup. The official owners have since designed their own web site) (...right?)

I cameoed in PipeDream Entertainment's movie, so i made them a website to promote it.
(this is a backup. The filmmakers have since completely redesigned this movie's website)

Naturalpoint's ECT website
Original Eye Control Technologies identity, discontinued in favor of Naturalpoint.
(this is an archived version of the old site)

Warren Blyth .com
My personal website. An experiment begun around 1996.

ACM OSU Chapter
Designed Original Association of Computing Machinery website with Jim Hamilton in 1998.
(the design has since been completely changed).

Mentor Graphics DET
Internal Redesign for the Development Environment Services Team.

Bent Glass LBB
Personal Homepage for Glass Fusing Artist.
(jim hamilton designed, i maintain and redesign)

HP's IJBU Technical Marketing
Internal Website for Hewlett Packard.